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I think we're all afraid of
Just showing who we are
Or who we really wanna be
And that we've gotten so far

I mean honestly we don't wanna see
the very site of our pain
But it is ok to be not ok
And no you're not insane

Take off your Pokerface
We all are kids need to be fixed
It's not a Joker space
When we hide from deep inside
Your dam will bursts against waves and tides
Cause when we ride, ride on the outside
It’s time to take off the disguise
Take off your Pokerface

We walk the world like zombies
We don't follow the call of our heart
Wear a mask and dressed up like a beast
And surprise, we are holding the least
I mean what are we hiding from?
Showing the person that we have become?
Because it's fact we all have the same fears
What when they all disapear?


It's been a very long time spend behind these walls
But more we connect with our own interlect the memory recalls


Take off your Pokerface

And show what lies behind

Take off your Pokerface

Free your mind

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